What to Wear to Richmond Brunch Weekend

What to Wear to Richmond Brunch Weekend

There are a few things we do really well here in Richmond. Brunch is one of them. So when I joined Taylor of Tailor for her weekly live Facebook video, naturally brunch was on my mind. While we talked about my personal shopping and Food + Fashion Tours, we also shared a little bit of information about Richmond Brunch Weekend.

The Details

When: March 25 + 26, 2017

Why: 10% of proceeds from all participating restaurants will be donated to VCU Massey Cancer Center.

What to eat: Several restaurants are offering special dishes only available this weekend. Here is a list of participating restaurants

Spread the word: Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook your brunch if you enjoyed it! The restaurant with the most social media traction will win the #BestBrunchDish award.

I’ll take a Mimosa, too, please: Many restaurants are giving even more proceeds to VCU Massey Cancer Center by selling special mimosas – or “Massey Mimosas.” #TeamMassey

What to Wear

I had the pleasure of digging through Tailor‘s newest inventory. The Richmond-based online boutique has a large collection of jumpsuits, flowing tops, and great jeans. Basically, everything you need for the perfect brunch look. I put together two outfits that I’d love to wear while shamelessly nomming on Richmond grub and knocking back mimosas like only a pro like me can.

The Romper: this periwinkle romper slid on so effortlessly. The shoulder detail adds an extra pop of sexy. Overall, it is crazy comfortable! I think you could indulge in a big brunch and mimosas and never know it under this thing. Though it’s set to be in the 70s this weekend, I paired with my favorite boots to make sure I didn’t catch a chill. I wore them in this post. I made a suggestion in the Facebook live video about some other ways to wear it.

The Boho Dress: I’m all about layers, as you know. I couldn’t stop touching this suede fringe vest. It could become an essential for you this spring and summer. I paired it with an emerald green dress that slid on effortlessly. Both could be worn separately a hundred different ways. Taylor was all about those festival vibes…

I’m sad I didn’t try this jumpsuit on. Maybe you should…

richmond brunch weekend outfit

Where Will I go to Brunch?

On the list of participating restaurants, there are two I always love: Max’s on Broad and the Savory Grain. Those restaurants are where I take my family and friends when they come to visit and where I tell my professional contacts to try if they haven’t. Since my dad will be in town, I may try something new. Southbound and East Coast Provisions are on my hit list.

Where do you love to brunch?