Hi! Welcome to Sweet Sauce

Life is art, friends. It is a beautiful thing when we treat it as such. Sweet Sauce is here to help spark your fashion imagination. I also want to inspire you to try new recipes, travel to new places, and refine your daily routines. I’ll share my favorite looks, brands, products, tips and reflections. I’ll also host and spread the word about events you definitely need to attend.

About Megan

Sweet Sauce is a term of endearment bestowed upon me by an old friend. When I decided to start a blog, the name came to mind. Sauces (whatever color, whatever flavor) are the finishing touches that you add to your favorite dishes. They make everything better. I love seeing how people pour on their own brand of sauce in their daily lives by what they say, how they walk, and what they wear.

Think of me as both your editor and  your co-conspirator. I am your friend and your partner in the endless pursuit to become a better person and to feel more fabulous each and every day. I want to give you a license to shine.

Learn more about all the members of the Sweet Sauce Team here. 

Want to Collaborate on Sweet Sauce?

Me and my team can help create a visual story to tell the world why you’re awesome. We can show your followers how to style, use, and make the most of your products and experiences. Whatever you’re imagining, let’s make it happen!

Email Partnership Coordinator Becca Haase at collabwithsweetsauce@gmail.com. 




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