Personal Styling

sweet-sauce-blgo-shoppingToo many things in your closet?

No idea how to wear them?

Does shopping overwhelm you?

Starting a new career or stage in life?

I’m here to help.


I offer closet organizing services and more in partnership with theNeatNiche.

I will help you embrace your true self through a personal style experience. Not only will we work together to create a system to make getting dressed less stressful, but I will give you tools to take charge of your everyday style. Below is a list of services I can offer you along with the expertise of theNeathNiche team. Prices range from $65/month to $990 for the full Makeover Maven.

Confidence Cure: Ensure every outfit and clothing decision is a good one! Keep your stylist in your pocket – send shopping questions and outfit photos for feedback via text!

Consignment Cure: Think your clothes have value, but you aren’t sure where or how to consign? Let us help.

Custom Tailored Cure: Don’t let those clothes in need of tailoring hang useless in your closet. Wear them instead! Let me manage your alterations.

Clothes Collectors Cure: 

Already organized, but unsure how to pull it all together to reflect your style? Gain confidence and learn new ways to pair outfits and accessories.

Closet Cure: Go deeper with closet organization and outfit pairings than ever before. Make over your closet and your wardrobe! Receive customized shopping recommendations and links.

Makeover Maven: Ready to revamp your outside to match your inner passion and creativity? Make over your ENTIRE look: closet organization, donations, & consignment; outfit pairings & guided personal shopping, guidance on alterations & tailoring, PLUS a complete hair and makeup makeover with a local salon!

Personal Shopping Discount Program

Hiring a personal shopper doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet. You can actually save money because an expert like me knows how to shop smart. I can help you make the most of clothes you already own and find affordable options for items you need! When you do need to add items to your wardrobe, I will help you #shopsmall and #supportlocal, too! Luckily, my friends at my favorite boutiques are making that even easier.

For those of you who hire me for any of the services listed above, I’ll offer a special discount to shop at 10-20% off at the boutiques below during the month of your services. You can send me to shop for you or you can take charge yourself after one of our workshops together. 

Mod & Soul 


Sweetest Stitch

Clothes Mentor 

Firefly Lane Boutique 


Trunk Up Boutique 


Client testimonials:

“I was more confident in my outfit choices and had a better understanding of how tops and bottoms worked together, and why.” – Cheryl

“She spent a long time trying to make up her mind every morning, and even when she did choose an outfit, she was always unsure whether she had made the right choice. She has a better understanding now both of what to buy and also what not to buy.” – Client’s Husband

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