Thrifted Thursday: Spotted Trapeze Dress + Block Heels

Easy Hot Summer Style: Spotted Trapeze Dress + Block Heels

Here’s another budget friendly look for your hot summer days spent at the winery, the block party or the beach. As I wrote about in my last Thrifted Thursday, I had recently been on the hunt for easy dresses to wear by the beach. I spent eight days in the Outer Banks and plan to spend more days at beaches, lakes, and rivers for as long as the summer will allow. And as we all know, the summer here in Virginia can get pretty f**king hot. Enter my secret weapon: the trapeze dress.

The Dress…

I picked up this Science + Noise dress right away as I scanned the racks of one of my favorite Goodwill stores. I noticed the high quality detail along the bottom and was intrigued by the softness of the fabric. I peeped at the tag, and sure enough it was a well known brand you can find at Urban Outfitters and more. Silence + Noise dresses usually run $80 and up.

The wide bottom shape of this trapeze works well to keep you feeling well ventilated. The rayon fabric always seemed to fell cool to the touch. The wide bottom slims your thighs. If you are wearing the right shoes, it can even elongate your legs.  Keep an eye on the wind with this shape of dress, though. When this sucker blows up, it will let the world see your goodies as far up as your chest–the whole shebang.

Of you are digging the style, I love this dress from Steinmart. It’s only $20 and it seems like a pattern everyone could get along with.

The Shoes…

You’re right. This outfit only has two pieces. Next step: shoes. I found these comfy boho heels at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets at Nine West. It was a BYGO deal. I got these $90 heels for $40. They reminded me of Karen from Califonication. The block heel is my new favorite things since I moved into cobblestone heaven in downtown Richmond. I was sold pretty quickly.

I always say shoes and sunglasses are killer to buy at outlet malls. I have had great success at Premium Outlets all around. See this look featuring a top I recently found during an outlet mall trip.

If you love these shoes, consider this pair of look alikes by Steve Madden.

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