White Hot Peplum Outfit

White on White: Spring’s Easiest Look to Pull Off

I haven’t been adding many things to my wardrobe lately. I’ve got so much going on and transitioning my wardrobe must be simple. While I’ve added a few fun floral items, I’m buying interesting basics in simple colors to keep life zen. One color that always makes me pull the trigger is white. I don’t think you can have enough of it. It will brighten any outfit, help you look clean and polished, and you always need more if you’re like me and spill everything on anything.

You can do it, I promise…

I’m looking at structure and shape of clothing while I’m out and about previewing spring collections. If it something comes in white and the structure makes me feel flattered and excited, it’s a good investment in my book. I recommend investing in bottoms, tops, and jackets that are white. A sure fire way to look stylish is to pair them all together. Any gal can pull it off, I promise. Make sure nothing is see through or too tight fitting, otherwise you’re going to look and feel chic AF. Pair your white on white outfit with any accessories you like, from bright colors to soft neutrals. Here, I’m wearing a simple gold choker and gold bracelet for a fresh neutral look.

About this funky top…

When I took my spring trip to Versona recently, my friend pulled this gem out. I wasn’t sure of it at first. When I slipped it on, I immediately began to twirl in circles. It is see through. I have a collection of neutral camisoles for stuff like this. I turned one into crop top years ago and that’s what you see me wearing here. I still show a little tummy, but the lines are clean. For more formal work outfits I’ve worn this with, I make sure the camisole goes all the way down.

What’s with the wine?

I was headed to a birthday part when I wore this look. I never like to show up empty handed. This rose is from my latest Winc delivery. It is the only subscription service I’ve ever had for more than a year. Each month, I get three bottles of wine delivered to my apartment. They’re all selected for my taste preferences and are $13 a bottle. That’s a pretty awesome deal if you ask me. It’s always a life saver, too. I always have a bottle to grab for spontaneous moments. If you want to try it, you can get $13 off you’re first box using this referral link. Let me know how it goes!

Shop the Look:

Shirt c/o Versonaexact ($30)

Jeans, Similar ($50)

Bracelet, c/o 7 Charming Sisters