Three Hacks to Travel Smarter in 2018

Three Travel Hacks To Know Now

Three Travel Hacks I’ve Learned

I’ve been around the world the past few years. Not nearly as much as I would like, but enough that I’ve picked ups few tricks to make travel easier on my mind and my bank account. During these years of travel, new apps have come around and business models for brands like Air BnB have changed. This past year, I really found three new (or improved), favorite tools to make travel easier and cost efficient.

Hopper App

There are two ways to save money when you  fly. One is which dates you actually depart and active. For example, a Tuesday is often much better than a Friday. The second factor is when you actually buy your tickets. To help leverage both of these cost-saving hacks, I use Hopper. I’ve used Hopper a few times now. The app allows you to search for airports and then offers suggestions for days and times to depart and arrive. Based on this info, the app then “watches” the trip for your designated dates and times. The app alerts you to the best day to actually purchase the tickets. I saved hundreds during my trip to San Francisco.


For me, it’s important to see as much as possible when I’m in an area. The best way to do so is to have a car of your own. This allows you to be more free when you plan out your day, or don’t plan at all. You avoid waiting around on corners for cabs or other car services. It also prevents you from paying endless Uber or Lyft fees, which add up over time, especially if you want to see something outside of town, not just a couple miles away.

Getaround is a great service offered in most cities. The app allows you to rent someone else’s vehicle for just an hour or three-days at a time. Whatever you need. The app is actually connected to the person’s car. You don’t even need to meet the owner. The app itself guides you to the “pick up” spot and also unlocks the vehicle from your phone. You can text directly with the owner with questions and easily add on hours if you need it. Make sure to take photos of the car before because the owner can claim damages if there are any new nicks. We paid less than $50 a day for a car. We would have paid similar fees for Lyft or Uber and would have restricted ourselves much more. You can even get something a bit more luxurious for extra dollars.

Air BnB First Timers

When I visited San Francisco, the wildfires had just devastated the area. Many hotels and Air BnB’s were booked up and the prices were surging. I noticed a lower rental fee for a large in-law suite within a couple miles from downtown. I looked further and realized the owner was offering a discounted rate because it was his first time hosting on Air BnB. Most people might be nervous about this, but we had the best experience and were able to stay at a location at half the cost. Also the owner wanted a good review, so he bent over backwards to ensure we had a great stay. So, take a chance! Give the new guys a try and you might just have a better time than you ever expected.

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