Eight Gifts to get Mom for Mother’s Day at Goodwill

That’s right, Mother’s Day is almost here. You have exactly six days to get it together. You don’t have to order from a magazine or head to your favorite online store. You can shop with purpose at Goodwill and find Mom something that will truly make her day brighter. I’ve done some hunting and put together eight ideas to create from a quick trip to your favorite Goodwill store.

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Mother's Day gift

A Pack of Her Favorite Color Clothing

Show mom you pay attention! Goodwill clothing is organized by color, so this will be an easy task. What is your mom’s favorite color to wear? Buy t-shirts, sweaters, button downs, socks, and more in this color. If she’s really proud of her Alma Mater, you could create a gift package out of two colors to represent her school. If some of the items don’t fit, simply help her donate them back to Goodwill.

An Umbrella for the House, Her Car, and her Office

Protect mom from the May showers! Umbrellas always seem to disappear and Goodwill stores usually have several patterns available. Find a few funky options and tie a big bow around them for mom. Write a cute note that says “I’ll always protect you from the rain.”

Photos of You and Your Family

Framed photos are rarely kept up to date these days. Step outside of your Facebook albums and go the old school way. There are always fun and funky picture frames at your local Goodwill. Find a few you think will fit with your mom’s office or bedroom side table decor. Upload photos from the last year to a USB drive and head to your local FedEx and print them off at a kiosk. Make sure to check your frame sizes! If you’re lucky and win the Goodwill Mother’s Day Giveaway, you’ll have photos from Stephanie Dennehy Photography!

A Vintage Tea Set

If tea is something your mom loves, put together a four-piece tea set. Maybe the pieces match, maybe they don’t. Visit the grocery store and find a few boxes of her favorite tea flavors. If you want to make the set traditional, throw in some sugar cubes and maybe even a fun hat!

On-the-Go Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs

Mom is on-the-go, no doubt. Pick up several coffee mugs and water bottles for her busy lifestyle. Make them cute, for goodness sake! Having a water bottle or coffee mug you love can make all the difference in having a brighter day. Goodwill will have  a variety of options. Maybe stick to a color theme like I suggested in the first gift idea.

Workout Wear

Has mom set new fitness goals? Do you two love going to barre class together? Goodwill has ta large selection of workout clothing options. I actually revamped my own workout drawer recently with items and I love them all. You can fund Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Lululemon and so much more in like-new condition. Help her create outfits by sticking to a color scheme.

mothers day gift idea

Just Add Flowers

Goodwill has no shortage of vases. Find one or more that remind you of mom. think outside of the box. A coffee mug or milk glass jar might be a fun alternative. Head to your local grocery store, farmer’s market or road-side stand to fill the vase up with her favorite flowers. She’ll love the one-of-a-kind vase and the fact that you remembered her favorite bloom!

A Gift Card

Is your mom a tricky one to shop for? Let her do the shopping. Visit your local Goodwill to purchase a gift card so she can pick out what she needs and wants.

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