Holiday in a Different Way: Floral Maxi Romper

floral maxi romper

Holiday in a Different Way: Floral Maxi Romper

Welcome to the first part in a series about how to dress up a little differently this holiday season. When you search the hashtag #holidaystyle on Instagram, you’ll find a lot of red, green, plaid, sequin and all black. The outfits are adorable and sometimes stunning. As usual, I’m compelled to share a different perspective, though. I hope you find value in some of these out-of-the-stocking ideas. I’ll certainly be wearing some plaid and sequins this month, but I’ll also be wearing fun patterns and other unexpected combinations. I’m starting with this floral maxi romper.

I discovered this pretty little thing at a thrift store, Rumors Boutique. I was riffling around not really looking for anything and the pattern jumped out at me. It said “fall” and yet somehow also felt spring like. When I tried on the floral maxi romper on, the romper part was definitely short. For sexy summer nights, I think this would stun with a pair of scrappy heels. For the winter, though, I added tights, a hat, booties and fur stole.

The effect is a boho, flirty, gangster look. What do you think? Did I nail it? Whatever the cohesive vibe is, it was comfortable, warm, and empowering. I’m glad my crazy mind came up with this combination. I’ll be more bold when I see patterns and shapes that aren’t usually fit for fall or winter from now on. A pair of tights, a versatile scarf and cold-weather boots can transform any dress or romper into a killer and comfy outfit. I’m even thinking about pairing my jean shorts with tights. I pinned a few ideas here.


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floral maxi romper

floral maxi romper  floral maxi romper for fall

More To Come

This is one of many holiday looks I’ll share this season. It’s also one of many shoots in which I’ll be working with Stephanie of She Saw Style, local fashion blogger and budding photographer. I hope you keep following along on my Holiday Guide, where I’ll continue to share gift guides, events, outfits and more inspiration to make this December even sweeter.

As always, thank you for following, supporting, shopping through my links, and sharing your thoughts and inspiration.

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