Five Fitness Trends to Try in 2018 (I’ve Tried Them All)


 Fitness Trends I’ve Tried and You Can, Too

I’m not a fan of lofty resolutions and strict goals when it come to health and fitness. I do believe we should all be working to develop a routine we love. Sometime it takes some trial and error. Thanks to some fun partnerships in 2017, I tried out quite a few workout models. I wanted to share some thoughts on each for you to consider as you create your own fitness routines for 2018. I hope you find something you love and stick with it.


I started off 2017 with kickboxing at 9round Fitness. This post actually went viral. I really loved the model of 9round, which allows you to come in and out of your workout at anytime. It’s great for a girl on the go. Kickboxing overall is a great full-body workout. From your core to sexy arms, you’ll get a stellar summer body out of it. It’s also incredibly empowering. If the location weren’t so far away, I may have committed for the year.


I have enjoyed barre several times over the past decade. I remember when the workout broke into mainstream. I knew I would like it because it incorporated the slowness of yoga but also the targeted effectiveness of  isometric movements. It’s really one of the most effective workouts out there. It sometimes lacks cardio, depending on the studio and the class. Make sure you incorporate some walking, running, or cycling into your routine to make the most of this workout. Read this post about why Barre is great.

Lazy Girl Workouts

My close friend introduced me to these workouts. We started following Lazy Girl on Instagram last summer. The owner of the account created quick repetition workouts you can do anywhere. Think 20 squats, 20 v crunches, 20 fire hydrants, 20 pushups, 20 jumping jacks, and repeat 3 times total. There were tons of options and new moves to learn all the time. We used them all summer long and incorporated a quick run before or ran the stairs in between each set. The brand has upped its game to offer a more structured approach to workouts, but it’s still made for people like me who hate anything too strict or time consuming. Definitely check it out. 


I’m just waiting for a cycling studio to open up closer to me. I hosted an event at CycleBar last year and had a blast. I also felt like I got a killer workout. The music was always coordinated with the workout, which is a huge motivation for me. At CycleBar, your name is put on a leaderboard so you have to compete at certain parts of the workout and that pushed me harder than I normally would have tried. Also, it’s more than a cardio workout. CycleBar incorporated weights for added core and arm workouts. Some were rally hard! Most cycle studios do this. If you want to burn some calories and feel like a rockstar, give this a go.


This is the workout I’ve landed back on for 2018. At one point in time, I was practicing yoga 3-4 times a week. I was in the best shape of my life. In general, it was a good time in my life where things were in order, love abounded, and I felt confident and fulfilled. I let it go in 2017 and only stopped in from time to time. I practiced a bit at home, but that never does the real trick for me. After all the loss and frustration of 2017, I made the decision to recommit to my yoga practice. I’m headed to Shockoe Slip Yoga on a regular basis now and I welcome anyone to join me for a class and grab a coffee afterwards. I’d love to meet you and help you on your journey to a sweeter life in 2018.

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What is your favorite workout? I’d love to know and maybe I’ll give it a try this year!

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