Kickboxing my way into 2017

Getting Fit Kickboxing at 9Round

With a new year here, I, like many people, have been working on getting many things back in order. I started with my calendar and office.  That has helped me begin to be more productivebetter and also better differentiate between my “me time” and my work hours. That means I can get back into a regular fitness routine.

Toward the end of 2016, I had slacked off on my workouts, which were primarily yoga. I had often gone to the same place thanks to a fun arrangement I had. I also have a membership at a small community center with my man. When my motivation to workout at either place ebbed and I let my schedule run amuck, I barely worked out at all. Shame on me!

Enter 9Round Fitness to breathe new life into my fitness regime.

How it Works

9Round offers a 30-minute workout that is different every time you visit. The format is based on nine rounds of three-minute moves. After the three minutes is up, you do a 30-second power move before the next round. They call this “active rest.” All of the moves change every day.

9Round is available all over the world. I workout at the Henrico location at the Shops at Wellesley. There are always two trainers on site walking you through every move, answering questions, and encouraging you along the way. Heather and her team in Henrico are positive and laid back while they push you to make the most of every minute.

What I Think

This is not the first kickboxing experience I’ve had. I think kickboxing is a fun and engaging way to break a sweat. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I also felt a little bad ass while doing it.  I really enjoy the short bursts of cardio and times to recuperate built into the 9Round circuit training model. You never get bored or feel like giving up.

The timing is also right. You can walk in any time and they’ll assign you a round to start on.  I am more likely to go because I don’t have to stick to a class schedule and inevitably miss out on chances to workout. Once you’re there, you cram a lot of intensity into just 30 minutes–a major bonus for a busy girl like me.

It seems to be working. I’m just a little sore after each workout, which is perfect. The diversity in workouts keeps your muscles guessing. My arms and abs already feel tighter (I’ve been going for two weeks).  I can also track my progress by how I hit more quickly and feel myself being able to push through to the end of the three-minute circuits.

Kickboxing at 9Round is built for all fitness levels. Anyone can truly plug into the model. I’ve taken my man and my friend Eleanor with me and both felt the burn the next day. There is a great mix of men and women from a range of fitness levels at the gym each day. I don’t think it’s the kind of place people keep score. You’re so wrapped up in your own workout, you don’t get a chance to to pay attention to anything but yourself.

I haven’t taken advantage of the heart rate monitor. It displays your heart rate on a screen in the gym. Talk about motivation! All annual members get to use this technology. You can also take advantage of a nutrition system to get the most of out of your workouts. I think both would be a great value.

All in all, I’d say it’s worth the investment! I look forward to returning at least three days a week!

Here are some photos from one day I took my man in to workout…

Have you tried 9Round? How about kickboxing? Tell me what you think!