It’s About Fuzzy Time: Faux Fur Coats under $100

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It’s About Time for Faux Fur: 10 Coats Under $100 to Shop Now

Well, we just skipped right over summer and right on to winter, didn’t we? It’s time to pull out the faux fur. I’ve got a quite a stack! I even have a few real furs mixed in, which are family heirlooms. Though I have more than few faux fur coats, jackets, and collars, I still find myself looking for more. There are few better ways to make a statement and still feel like you’re wearing a blanket.

What to Look For in Faux Fur

When shopping for a faux fur coat, I look for a few things. Firstly, I start with the pattern. I always go neutral for coats. For me, that means millennial pink and leopard these days. I stay “neutral” because a faux fur coat is a statement enough without any bright colors or patterns. You don’t want to wind up getting a coat you are too overwhelmed to even wear out of the house.

I also look for length. I have one cropped faux fur coat and I love it. But, it doesn’t cover my bum and can sometimes can make me look wider than I’d like. If you wear a faux fur that covers your bottom, the impact is more slimming. Bonus: you can still wear it open and feel really warm.

If you’re shopping vintage, take a peep at all the seams in side of the coat. Those can be hard to fix. If the lining tears, you could wind up quickly tearing it more when you pull it on. That leads to really expensive fixes. Trust me! I have a few faux fur and real fur vintage coats. I treat those babies with love. I’ve also stepped away from a coat I loved in the store because I knew the upkeep would be ore expensive than the coat itself.

Most importantly, find a faux fur coat that makes you smile! You want to be able to wear this and feel confident. When you put it on, imagine walking into places outside of a party setting. What would happen if you rocked it to the office? Would you wear it to the grocery store? How about dinner with friends? Imagining different scenarios and settings in which you wear items helps you invest your money wisely.

I’ve done some digging for my favorite affordable fuzzy coats online right now. Drop them in your basket before it gets too cold…

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