Why Fall Is the Best Time to Organize Your Closet

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Why Fall Is the Best Time to Organize Your Closet

Now that fall fashion has hit the stores, the kids are back at school, and you have your professional goals set for the rest of the year, it’s time to turn your attention to organize your closet. I know spring cleaning is known as the time of year everyone gets organized, but I really think fall is pivotal for your sanity and style. I actually just reorganized and paired down my own wardrobe. I had many thoughts along the way and I wanted to share them with you here. If you are looking for help with this daunting task, please shoot me an email: sweetsauceblog@gmail.com. I work with theNeatNiche to create stress-free closets for people of all kinds. I can even help you consign the clothes you want to part with and earn some cash in return!

Now, let’s talk about timing. Why is fall the best time organize your closet?

You’re shopping away

There is so much great fashion inspiration this time of year. It’s really difficult to avoid getting inspired and making a few purchases. The trick is to make informed purchases. You need to know what you’re working with before you buy that new trench coat, those suede boots, or that cashmere scarf. When you go through your closet, you take inventory of what you have and what will work for the cooler months. You can create a catalog in your mind (or even literally in your phone if you take photos) of what foundation you have to build from. It is only then you can decide whether you need a new sweater vest or a new pair of jeans and also in what colors. You will save money and stress in the long run if you know what’s in your closet. You can only truly get familiar if you pick it a part one by one.

You’re making room anyways

Like I said before, you’re adding new items to your closet. Maybe that means your wool coats are coming out of the attic or it means you’ve got a shipment headed your way from Nordstrom. Whatever the case, you don’t want to just cram those bulky fall and winter items onto your racks. You want to make sure that you give them room to breathe. You can wear out your good clothes fast if they are rubbing up against different fabrics and textures too closely. Also, you want to make sure you can see them when you walk into your closet. Find the right place for them to live so you can actually put them to use every day. If you don’t have a plan, you risk never putting a good article of clothing to use.

The holidays are coming

Did someone say stress? Usually when you mention Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas, and New Years, a bit of panic goes through your mind and heart. The holidays move fast and furious. They can leave your house and your mental state in disarray. If you’re proactive and develop a system in your closet, you can manage the daily struggle of getting dressed a little better. If you can’t control your schedule, you can at least control your closet.

What do I mean by “system?” I mean organize your closet by how you put on your outfits. Think of the process you go through to get dressed and make decisions. It goes something like this: undergarments, pants and blouse or a dress, shoes, coat or cardigan, accessories and hair. Organize your closet so these different parts of the process easily fall into categories. Once you get all of your dresses or sweaters in one place, you can take it step further and organize them by color. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to find what you need and to imagine outfits when your clothes are organized effectively.

It’s a great time to make donations

As winter approaches, organizations like Goodwill, the Salvation Army and CARITAS are especially excited to receive donations of clothing, furniture and bedding. Some sell the items to earn money to support their programs and others distribute them to people in need. If you’re hoping to make room in your closet and your bedroom, now is the time to donate those goods. When you’re looking through items you’re considering donating, make sure you visit the website of the organizations to ensure you’re donating the kinds of items they need. If you work with an organizer like me, I’ll take care of all the donating for you.

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