Winter Is Coming: Comfortable Styles for Cozy Evenings Spent at Home

I like having a busy social life. That’s just the way it has been since I could remember. For me, parties, nights out with friends, family gatherings and festivals are great ways to unwind and experience all the world has to offer. However, I also welcome the chance to curl up at home, binge on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, soak in a bath and indulge in a few beauty routines. Sometimes, it is nice to totally relax and be 100% yourself. Not having to worry about how you look or what you do is a great way to take the pressure off and totally chill. That said, the secret to enjoying the odd night in or weekend away from everyone is to be dressed comfortably. As winter approaches, here are a few things to search for…

PJs are an essential

It is really nice to have a soak in the bath, get out and pull on a comfortable set of PJs. I’ve been collecting matching PJs for some time. I wear up to three outfits a day sometimes. PJs are so much less constrictive than other clothes. There is something luxurious at being able to slip straight into bed the moment you start to feel drowsy. These women’s pyjamas are a perfect example of the type I like to buy, especially with winter around the corner. They are all  cute enough to be worn around your boyfriend, but still comfortable enough to veg out in.



The only problem is that PJs are not always a good option if there is even the remote possibility someone will drop in on you, which is usually in the cards for us. Our apartment is an open door for many friends. So, sometimes leisurewear is usually a better option. It looks enough like everyday clothing for you to be able to answer the door to the takeaway guy without feeling at all self-conscious. Yet this type of clothing is soft and loose-fitting enough to wear in bed should you want to. I usually opt for a long cardigan and leggings combo. Slip on skinny jeans if you feel you need to step it up.

Slippers or a pair of cozy socks

Keeping my feet warm is essential. My man hates it, but slippers and socks make me so happy. Invest in luxurious slippers before the winter. Fun and cozy socks are also a good purchase this time of year. You’ll be whining about the cold before you know it. There are fun designs now that can make socks less like your grandma’s accessories and more like part of your outfit at home.

Blankets and throws

I have blankets and throws places all over my apartment. I’m always prepared for a good snuggle or turning a chair into a cozy workspace for writing and blogging.  There are loads available in the Simply Be shop, so you will be spoilt for choice.

Alternatively, you can draft proof your bedroom and living room. It is actually not hard to do. All you need is a few hours and the right type of draft excluder. You can easily learn all you need to know about draft proofing a room by watching this short video.