Camera Supplies Every Blogger + Amateur Photographer Needs

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Camera Supplies Everyone Needs to Blog

It’s been two and a half years since I started this thing called Sweet Sauce Blog. It’s been a lot longer that I’ve liked to call myself a photographer. I got my first camera the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. I worked for one of my hometown newspapers called the Lake Anna Observer. I took photos of wake boarders, bees, bears, and awards dinners that summer. I borrowed my editor’s camera. At the end of the summer, she rewarded me with a bonus to put toward purchasing my own camera, which I still own today. It was a Nikon D50. It is a fantastic camera and I’m thinking of selling it on KEH Camera. The process looks simple and reliable. It reminds me of selling clothes on ThredUp—they do all the work for you!

Since I began blogging and earning an income, I decided to invest in a different type of camera to keep up with my fashion and product photography demands. I also use my camera for the marketing work I do–events, travel photos, and nonprofit volunteers are all included in the list of things I photograph outside of Sweet Sauce. I’m no expert outside of two semesters of photography classes in college. Though I can work a dark room like a ninja, today I rely on my camera to do most of the work. Honestly, I rarely use manual (gasp!). I move fast and usually have a professional for the projects that really matter, like the gals behind Pink Photography. But for my day-to-day needs, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i fits the bill.

You need a lot more than just a camera to start snapping for your blog. Below are five of my essentials for anyone wanting to get a start in the amateur photography game. Shop them all at KEH Camera and use my discount LUCKY7 for 7% off your order during July.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

This a great camera for shooting a variety of photos. The auto-focus feature is amazing if you know how to stay still. It can capture action for all that skirt twirl–it can capture fast-action shots at up to 5 fps (frames per second). It’s also made for entry-level video makers, which has been a need for my business and my boyfriend’s music career. Overall the functions are beginner friendly. You can do just about anything with a couple hours and the user manual. If you’re on a budget, unfortunately they run more than $500 on Amazon. When you start buying additional lenses, the price goes up.  I bought my camera used. That was a great decision. There’s no reason to buy one brand new. That can be an intimidating process, though. How are you supposed to know it will stand the test of your work and time? KEH offers a grading system to let you know what condition the camera or part you need is in. You can shop used Canon cameras here.


50 mm Lens

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my lens. Ashely Loth of Pink Photography has been suggesting for a while that I buy a 50mm lens. Many other bloggers agree either the 50mm f/1.8 lens or f/.4 lens are the best choice for fashion photography.  Ashley took photos of my outfits in this post (see below), this post, and this post with hers. It’s also known as a “normal” lens because it’s the closest you can get to the perspective of the human eye. You can buy a good one for around $100, but why not even cheaper? I’m finding that KEH has just what I’m looking for and at a reasonable price point.  See what I’m scoping out on KEH.


A Great Bag

I have a camera backpack. It’s really perfect for keeping all the lenses and cords safe, but it’s hard to use when I’m in action. I have to take it off every time I need to change lenses, grab a lens cloth, etc. I really need a camera bag that can be worn like a cross body and accessed at arm’s length. That would increase my productivity quite a bit. There are several on, but I’m also looking around at Etsy for a one that might even be called “cute.” Many are expensive, though. I look forward to updating you on this search!

A Personalized Strap

I wish I could have a more exciting camera strap. This is especially true when I ditch the camera bag and have the camera around my neck for longer periods of time. I’ve recently been loving these personalized leather straps discovered on So Good Leather on Etsy. I’ve also considered buying a vintage leather strap and having it monogrammed or personalized by a local artist. I want to be sure it is comfortable, too!

Multiple Batteries

There is one thing my friends know about me: I’m really bad at keeping things charged, like my phone and my camera batteries. My solution? Have camera batteries everywhere! It could severely damage my professional reputation if I show up anywhere with a dead camera. I never travel without a charger and a battery. I recommend adding to your battery collection if you can. KEH makes it easy to sort and shop for the brand and type you need. Shop batteries here.

Shopping wit KEH

To recap: You can find most of the tools I listed at KEH Camera. Don’t forget to use my discount LUCKY7 for 7% off your order during July. You’ll find that the KEH site is really easy to use. I love searching for camera parts by brand and by price. Everything is plainly explained and there’s nothing sneaky added to your cart during checkout–this happens all the time with sites like Amazon and Best Buy.

Have more camera questions?  Let me know! I’d love to answer them or ask my expert friends.