The Hangover Chronicles: Where Do We Eat? Spotluck to the Rescue

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Where do we eat? Spotluck to the Rescue

You know the drill. It’s Saturday morning. Friday night was a doozy. You and your friends are meeting back up for brunch or lunch. Someone asks the question:

“Where do you guys want to eat?”

So begins the debate. If you live in Richmond, then the options for eating are practically endless. Someone always has a strong opinion. Some of us have smaller budgets than others. Last weekend, I whipped out my phone to put an end to the painful conversation. Spotluck was there for the rescue. Not only does the app help you decide where to eat, but it secures discounts of 10 to 35% off your entire purchase.

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What is Spotluck?

Spotluck is an app that connects you and your friends to local restaurants. When you open the app, you’ll be prompted to choose the neighborhood where you want to eat. Then, you spin the wheel, which will unlock up to 35% off at one lucky “hotspot,” while unlocking 10% off at all other participating restaurants. This is how your dining dilemma is solved! Obviously who doesn’t want to go with the 35% option? If you don’t love the “hotspot” then you’ll love one of the other restaurants where you will still get a discount. Either way, you’ll be the hangover hero, I just know it.

What I really love about Spotluck is that the app focuses on local restaurants. No chains are included in your spin results. Restaurants piloting Spotluck in Richmond include The Savory Grain (a go-to favorite), Southern Railway Taphouse (where these photos are from), Kitchen on Cary, Greek on Cary, District 5, The Pig & Pearl, and 26 other local spots. Keep checking the app for additional restaurants that will be added during the coming weeks.

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How does it work?

The DC-based startup was created on the premise that restaurant prices should fluctuate to increase traffic when business is slow. Spotluck creators don’t believe that it makes sense to pay the same at a restaurant on a rainy Tuesday as on a balmy Friday night. Nobody pays one price for hotel rooms or flights, and nobody should have to pay the same price for restaurant meals. Discounts unlocked by the app are based on a variety of factors that impact restaurant occupancy, including day, time, and local weather.

The platform has grown to work with more than 1,300 local restaurants, so next time you’re taking on a new city, it may come in handy, as well.

Download Spotluck now using my Promo code SAUCEY. Click here.

Megan Wilson is a freelance writer and content creator based in Richmond, Virginia. As the editor of Sweet Sauce Blog, she writes about fashion, travel, self care and more.

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