Take Care of Yourself: allé Massage Delivery

Taking Care of Yourself: allé Massage Delivery

As I welcomed Melissa, owner of allé, into my apartment last week, we started talking about self care. There are things in life we can’t control. From stress to our physical health, we can never expect even ground to walk on every day. Making room for regular physical activity, eating as clean as possible, and scheduling time for self care are just a few ways to she takes charge of her personal well being. That’s how she came up with the concept for massage delivery. Massage is one way we can take care of ourselves when other things in life can’t be helped.

On this particular day, I had several photoshoots lined up for the blog and some personal matters to pay attention to. It wasn’t much different from other days. Adding another stop on my agenda would have been too much. I wouldn’t have made time for a massage. In fact, it’s been years. I’m so glad I did and I plan to again and again.

How it Works

Melissa and her team are easy to book. Just visit the website and choose a time between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. That’s right–what a range! Most places are only open 9 to 5. While you’re booking online, you can choose add-ons like hot stones or extra massage time. Add in notes about elevator codes or parking to help your therapist get in easily with their massage table. It just takes a few minutes to book and then you’re done.

To prepare your home, office or hotel room, you’ll simply need two sheets and a pillow. I kind of like this touch because I know these things are mine and only me and my family have mushed our faces in them instead of strangers before us. The massage delivery therapist brings a portable table, hot stones, oils and their therapeutic treatment.

Make sure you have time to relax before and after your massage. You’ll want to be mentally prepared to relax when the therapist arrives, not rushing around until the last minute. You’ll also want to ensure after the massage that you aren’t headed into a four-hour meeting or anything. You want to keep your muscles loose. If you have a meeting, consider standing for it. I learned this practice at my old 9-5. I’m also working to covert my home office to a standing desk.

What I thought

Best. Massage. Ever. Why? Because allé massage delivery therapists focus on empowering the client. I told Melissa all the things that bother my bod and she truly listened. There was no canned system I had to endure like past experiences. She worked on the areas I asked her to and applied the pressure I desired. She used techniques for the specific needs I had.

I also love the delivery model. For me, there is always a deadline looming, a family or friend drama stewing, or an eczema flare up keeping me down. I hate leaving my apartment or my chosen coffee shop unless it’s for a meeting or for having fun with friends and family. I used to be a diligent yogi, but I can’t even make the classes with my unpredictable schedule these days. Instead, I’ve been going to the gym because I can go at any time. That’s made me a little tighter than I used to be, so massage is crucial to staying limber.

Get Started

The holidays are coming and I can’t think of a better time to get a regular massage practice going. Right now, you can get 25% off your first treatment when you download the app and use Code NEW25. Maybe treat yo self or give it to a loved one.

Bonus: I’m giving away two $50 gift cards if you visit me on Instagram and tag two friends in the comments of my massage post! That can go towards any $110 session, which includes gratuity–also genius! I’m currently considering an $85/month membership, which gets me one session a month, that I can use anytime and $20 off additional treatments. If you have the space, you can also have your own massage table to keep!

Here’s a peep into my apartment turned mini paradise…

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Stay tuned for more collaborations and concepts from this Richmond massage delivery service!