Six Beauty Essentials for Holiday Party Season


Holiday Party Season is Here. Are You Ready?

Whether you’ve got traditional Christmas parties to attend or just want to hit the town in style, I’ve got a few must-have beauty essentials and habits for you to consider. I stay busy this time of year, and most of these beauty hacks save time and stress during holiday party season.


Get Those Nails Done

It’s been a really long time since I actually went to get my nails done. I cut that out when I went freelance. When I started to get dressed for a night out recently and slipped on some open-toe shoes, I realized I needed to make my life easier by getting a long-lasting pedicure so I don’t have to do any last-minute polish touch ups (which I always mess up when I’m in a hurry!). I took a solo trip to Relax Nails at the Shops at Wellesly in Richmond.  Some of you came along with me on Instagram Stories and I shared my color inspiration. I went ahead and not only got a pedicure, but a gel manicure that would help me stay fresh for weeks. I added a little sparkle. What did you think?

holiday party season beauty essentials

Moisturize and Protect Your Skin

The heat, the alcohol, the stress… they all add up and make for very thirsty skin. For me, especially, I have to take extra care of my skin during these months because of my eczema.  I’ve been using Elan Rose day cream and night serum. One in the morning, and one at night have really helped even out my skin tone and prevent any flaking. A new trick: before I put on my day cream, I splash my face with a wet wash cloth of ice cold water. It brightens up my eyes, removes puffiness and gives my skin a little extra rose glow. Also, I’ve read some great Mario Badescu reviews lately so I may find a place for it in my daily routine soon. Drop this stuff in your shopping cart now.

Good Smells

A few things in the world are guaranteed to make me happy and lift my mood. One of those is a damn good scent. I’ve been obsessed with Tory Burch fragrances since I picked a roller ball up in an unplanned trip to Sephora in Miami a few years ago. I pretty much wear nothing but. In addition to my roller ball that I constantly refill and keep in my purse, I’ve added the Body Cream to my regimen. The smell sticks and my skin likes the extra layer of rich moisture.


Beauty Sleep

I think by now a lot of us know that we look a lot better when we have a solid night’s sleep. I have been making this more of a priority lately. I am not in college any more! Only 8 hours or more will do these days. I keep sleep masks everywhere. Silk sleep masks are the best for your skin. I also use silk pillow cases. Add these to your sleep routine.

Make Washing Your Face Easy

Holiday party season is made of long nights and early mornings. When you get home, washing your face can seem like the worst task ever. I keep face wipes on hand so I have no excuses. Face wipes go fast, though, so I don’t like to spend a lot of money on them. These Coconut Water Face Wipes from Sephora are my new go-to and have some extra moisturizing brownie points. They’re only $7.50 and come in a variety for different skin concerns. Don’t forget your night serum.


Powder Your Roots

Those long nights and early mornings of holiday party season can wear your hair mojo down. I keep my hair styles lasting longer by putting dry shampoo on right after I wash and blow dry it (tip from a friend!). I’ve been hooked on this Bumble and Bumble Pret a Porter powder since I hosted an event at Sephora. It smells good and never seems to run out. That event was five months ago…


What are your holiday season beauty tips and tricks?


  1. These tips are great for upcoming holidays! I never really have any tricks but always have to make sure my skin stays hydrated! I’ll definitely put yours to use!

    Thanks, Linh

  2. This post is such a great idea!! Why did I never think of that? I’m seriously obsessed with the concept of this post. So perfect for the holiday season as well!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  3. these are great tips! i am a face wiper too- lazy! haha. and i totally second that pedicures are worth it, they last forever. and getting a gel mani before the holidays is worth it too! xoxo

  4. Loving these tips! Especially the beauty sleep one, with all of the holiday craziness it’s so easy to forget!

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