Spring Makeup Upgrade with Merle Norman Cosmetics

Spring Makeup with Merle Norman Cosmetics in Richmond, VA

I’m pretty open about the fact that I’m no makeup guru. It probably has something to do with my constant dissatisfaction with my skin. It’s constantly dry and/or flared up from my eczema. Make up always has a risk of making me look flaky or irritating me to point where no makeup can cover up the splotchy redness. With brighter days around the corner, I decided it was time to revive my spring makeup routine with Merle Norman.

I grabbed my sidekick, Eleanor, and headed for the location at Olde Town Shopping Center, 7801 West Broad Street in Henrico. I had a great time learning more about the 85-year-old company and its loyal customers.

What did I love?

The customer service. I watched one customer after another walk in to order their favorites. I was the only woman during a 2-hour period who walked in NOT knowing which product she was looking for. The customers are loyal to both the products and the local ladies in Richmond. I can see why.

After I wiped off the makeup I came in with, I was carefully walked through each step of the makeup routine. From the serums to the blush to mixing lip colors–I was treated with attention and kindness. They listened and never over sold anything. If something didn’t work, they let me know. I didn’t feel bad speaking up and saying so, either.

The variety of colors. Eleanor and I both have very different skin tones and aesthetics. I am warm and love pink and gold tones. She is darker and goes for cooler tones and overall darker look. We both tried several foundations and eventually found one to work for us. The eye, lips, and cheeks were similarly varied.

The skin-friendliness. I have dry, flaky skin. She has redness-prone sensitive skin. What a pair. The anti-redness cream made Eleanor really happy and I loved the richer lotion products. The makeup itself didn’t bother either of us. That’s a big surprise! We both usually find something wrong with makeup. After using the products I took home (see below), I still haven’t felt a single tingle or burn.

What did I buy?

I left Merle Norman with:

-A brow powder and brush. I have thin brows, baby! I have been using a pencil for a while and never felt like it looked natural. I’ve upgraded to a powder. If you have thin brows, they have a great tutorial video here about how to fill them in and still look natural.

-A shimmering eye shadow in Vanilla Mousse. I like to use something like this every day as a base for my eyes. I prime them before and then continue with liner and mascara after. Nothing else on busy days!

-A perfectly pretty Lip Polish in Shy. It’s not shown here, but you’ll see it soon! I also shared it on my Instagram Stories recently. It’s the perfect light sheen for any natural look.

-I also got to take home a free gift, which all customers get with purchase at different times throughout the year. That time is right now. Get in there before the end of March! It included the Lip Revive, which you use before lip color to condition your lips. I’ve also been wearing it at night for extra soft lips in the morning. Is it just me, or are chap lips hitting you hard with the crazy weather?

Liquid Shimmer for the tops of my cheeks. I have a product just like this now, but would easily go back for this when it’s empty. I also use it to highlight the edges of my face like my hairline and jaw line. I sometimes dab a bit under my brow, too.

-The Retinal Night Complex goes on really light, but stillvfeelsvrich. Seems to be doing the trick by the time I wake up in the morning.

-Finally, the dual action eye makeup remover works like a charm. Among a few beauty tips my mother taught me: never rub your eyes too much to remove makeup. The less work you have to do, the better. If there is any left after I’ve gone through my first go, I use Argan Oil or Coconut Oil to take off the rest.

Keep scrolling to follow me through my experience at Merle Norman in Richmond, VA. If you have time, say hi to the ladies there for me and ask them to upgrade your makeup routine.  If you’re not from Richmond, VA, find a studio here.

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Visit Merle Norman at Olde Town Shopping Center, 7801 W Broad St, Henrico, VA 23294.

This cute outfit is coming soon, too!