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Welcome to another part in my series about making money off the clothes you no longer want, fit into, or wore one too many times to ever wear again. Read the first articles here, and here


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Today, I’ll take you to Ashby, a consignment shop in Carytown in Richmond, VA. Ashby is Clementine’s younger sister. Clementine is a high-end consignment shop selling brands like Kate Spade, Free People, J. Brand, etc. Ashby sells clothes more for the college student age range, but still has killer finds for any woman’s casual wardrobe. You’ll find brands like Forever XXI, Old Navy, Mossimo, and even off brands. The store is well stocked and curated. The buyers are very picky about their clothes despite their casual theme.


consignment shop

Ashby staff will go through your clothes right there while you wait, which is wonderful. Not all consignment shops have that option. The very knowledgeable staff will look for trendy items, near-perfect material, tags still on, and name brands. There are plenty of off brands in the store, though. They’ll take it if it’s on trend, much like Rumor’s.

You can accept 30% of their assessed value in cash or you can accept 50% of their assessed value in store credit. As I looked around while I waited, it was obvious which choice I would make.


I bought a pair of amazing BDG overalls for $22, a fun blouse for $12, a jumpsuit for $28 (I’ve been saving it for RVA Fashion Week), and a pair of perfect red jeans for $9 on the sale rack. I’d say I did pretty good. I took chances on both the overalls and jump suit because they were such a great price. I almost didn’t try them on! Here is a close up from my 70s shoot featuring the overalls and blouse. I just love the pattern of the blouse!

bright patterned shirt

overalls outfit


Follow Ashby on Facebook and Instagram. They post new items every week and share promotions like the Buy By the Pound tub, which benefits a different local charity each month (my favorite). You can also learn more about what they like to buy if you’re looking to sell. Always do your research!

Selling Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location and Website

3010 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 2322

overalls outfit

Photos of my overall outfit are by Crystal Reyns Photography.

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