March Madness with Goodwill

goodwill march madness contest

Goodwill March Madness Featuring YOU + Weekly Giveaway Winners

I admit, I’m not much of a basketball fan. Okay. I’m not much of any sports fan unless one of my brothers is playing. Finding amazing deals on clothes I love is my kind of game. Good thing Goodwill of Central Virginia is letting me create my own brand of March Madness this year. The best part? It’s really all about YOU and YOUR STYLE.

STARTING TODAY (3/10), I’m accepting photos of your favorite Goodwill outfit creations. I’ll upload the photos on this post and share them on the Goodwill Instagram, my Instagram, and my Facebook page. Each week, I’ll announce a winner on Wednesday and deliver a $50 gift card to the best outfit!

During the final week, I’ll create a Facebook album of all the outfits and you will vote on the best one to receive a $100 shopping Goodwill gift card.

The Details:

  • I’ll accept submissions by email Friday-Tuesday at Please include your first name and your Instagram handle in your email.
  • You must tag @goodwillcvandhr and @sweetsauceblog in your Instagram posts of the photos you send me. Bonus points if you tag either of us on Facebook!
  • You get more bonus points if you can tell me how much your items cost and why you love them.
  • I will upload the images to this dedicated blog post and share them on both Goodwill and Sweet Sauce social media.
  • Each Wednesday, I will announce a winner who will receive a $50 gift card. I will deliver to them in person on Wednesday if you’re within one hour of Richmond. I might throw in some extra treats when I visit you…
  • During the final week, I will upload all of the photos to a Facebook album and ask for people to “Like” their favorites. Winner will receive a grand prize of $100. 

The Schedule: 

  • Friday, March 10: Begin accepting for first round of entries.
  • Wednesday, March 15: Announce winner + deliver gift card.
  • Friday, March 17: Request new round of entries.
  • Wednesday, March 22: Announce winner + deliver gift card.
  • Friday, March 24: Request new round of entries.
  • Wednesday, March 29: Announce winner + deliver gift card.
  • Friday, March 31: Request final round of entries.
  • Wednesday: April 5: Announce Grand Prize Winner + Deliver Grand Prize Winner’s $100 gift card!

Now, that’s my kind of sport. Let the games begin!

Week 1 and 2 Entries:

From Victoria, @bijouhill 

Victoria just started a little project called Bijou Hill. Follow her for unique items and creative inspiration.

From Tanesha, @discardtodistinct

Tanesha is a personal stylist and shared some the looks she created for clients!

From Shanna, @meeandminnie

Shanna is a local fashion blogger who loves to thrift! Follow her three-part “How to Thrift” series at

From Brittany, @blushedbybross

This beautiful lady is a constant inspiration and talented hair stylist! 

From Joanna, @joannaavant

You must follow Joanna for her styling ideas and services! She knows how to mis high and low end items like a master!

From Kat, @kat_pierre

You want to keep your eye on this future blogger maven! She’s full of ideas, style and energy! 

Krystal of @frugalfinds28

I loved meeting this thrifty blogger at an event a couple weeks ago! She knows how to scout a deal and turn it into something fabulous! 

Syndey Page Lester of @ChicStripes

This local stylist preaches about #secondhandfirst fashion and I’m so glad she got in on the fun! This vest is a dress she transformed from Goodwill!

Final week begins! Visit me on Facebook to vote for your favorite outfit!  The winner will recover a $100 gift card to Goodwill! Vote by liking the photos.


    • Yes! Can’t wait to see all the outfits!

  1. What a fun idea! I haven’t been to a Goodwill in ages–inspiration to check out some Arlington shops!

    • Looking forward to seeing what you get!!

    • Thank you! Hope you join in on the fun!!

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