Modern Moves: My Time at Jazzercise

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Dancing with Legends: Sweating at Jazzercise

When Becca and I attended our first Jazzercise class, we had to wait for people to pour out of the building before we could make our way into the classroom. The ladies who were coming out from the 8:15 a.m. class were saying “Hi” to those who were coming in. Everyone seemed to know each other. Everyone was in an elevated mood. 

We came for the Dance Mixx class. After we shed our coats, we settled into our corner in the back as women of all ages filled the room. Soon, the instructor turned on the music. The warm-up began. We lunged, lifted, switch-ball changed, and shimmied through Ciara, Cardi B, Bruno Mars and more. The music was modern and the moves were challenging. Most importantly, the mood was laid back, yet upbeat. After moving through a series of cardio-heavy choreographed dances, our heart rates were up. Then, we reached for weights for strength training and core. Before we knew it, we were stretching and saying goodbye. I went back for seconds with intern Sarah and loved it. She thinks she might get addicted.  

A few things I learned about Jazzercise: 

  1. Some women in the room had been doing Jazzercise for 35 years! I feel like that’s a true testament that the workout is not only sustainable, but effective. 
  2. It’s way harder than I imagined. I was sore for a few days, actually. I work out regularly and a few muscles got love that usually get neglected in other workouts. 
  3. You can burn 800 calories in one class. 800 calories!!
  4. The workout is for men and women of all ages. There are modifications for those with injuries or age and amplifications if you came ready to expend some energy. 
  5. Jazzercise has built a foundation for a community. The women here know each other by name. They take care of each other. They catch up before and after class. They care for one another. It’s really warming to watch unfold. I felt loved myself. 
  6. The class instructor was positioned on a platform in the front of the room. This sounds simple, but this detail made it easier to follow along than other group class I’ve taken.  
  7. Jazzercise has been doing the dance party workout thing since 1969! This year is its 50th Anniversary. That’s very impressive. 
  8. Just because it’s been around for 50 years doesn’t mean it’s stale. This is a real, modern, effective workout. Women are wearing real workout clothes. No one is bopping around in scrunchies and leotards. 
  9. Every class is different. Each instructor uses the choreography and songs they like the most and piece them together, while still following the same trajectory of increased heart rate, strength training, to a cool down. The instructors receive new choreography every 10 weeks with new, current music and moves designed for impact. 

Wanna give Jazzercise a try?

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I’m going to the Richmond Fitness Center at 7115-A Staples Mill Road, Henrico, VA. If you’re local, let them know Sweet Sauce sent you!

Otherwise, check out one of the Jazzercise locations across the country. You might be surprised to find out how close one is to you. Click here to find out.

Photos by Sarah Nowak.


  1. Mary Beth Petruska wrote:

    That was a fantastic summary of what Jazzercise is! I became addicted over 20 years ago, when I was around your age, and still love it! It’s such an effective and complete, all-body workout.

    Posted 1.10.19
  2. Andi wrote:

    Check out and in some places get January Free!!
    Andi Thomas instructor in the IE SoCal 🙂

    Posted 1.10.19
  3. Patti Werry wrote:

    What a great article! I’ve been teaching Jazzercise for 29 years. I’m so glad you found our program. You described it so perfectly – the most accurate description I’ve ever read in a blog or article from a new customer. You really captured our program and philosophy perfectly. Thank you and welcome!

    Posted 1.11.19
    • What a sweet compliment thank you so much! It’s been such a treat getting to know everyone

      Posted 1.11.19
  4. Heather H wrote:

    I love your take on Jazzercise. I’m an instructor in Arizona and you summed it up beautifully. I hope to be as strong as the women in my class when I’m their age. My oldest customer is 85 and my youngest is my 18 year old daughter. Jazzercise is a family, we laugh, love and sometimes cry. If you’re ever in AZ look is up.

    Posted 1.11.19
  5. Paula Adkison wrote:

    I love what you said about our program! I have only been an instructor for three months but I have been Jazzing for a little over two years. I absolutely love it!! Our tribe in Longview, Texas, is absolutely wonderful. We all take care of each other and encourage each other on many levels. Everyone is very welcoming to anyone that walks in the door. If you are ever in Longview, look us up and come see us! Thank you for your wonderful summation of Jazzercise! Have a blessed day!!

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Love it! So glad I captured it. I look forward to going back! I’ll let you know if I’m in town. 🙂

      Posted 1.11.19
    • You rock! Thank you for stopping by and following along!

      Posted 1.15.19
  6. Staci C Jazzercise Pennington NJ wrote:

    I felt like I was in class reading your article. Thank you so much for such a simple and perfect way of explaining what Jazzercise has turned into over 50 years! I have been an instructor for almost 7 years !

    Posted 1.11.19
    • That’s always heartening to hear. I really enjoyed my time and so did my team. We’re going back soon!

      Posted 1.11.19
    • So glad it touched you. I’m glad I shared your story the right way!

      Posted 1.15.19
  7. Great synopsis of a Dance Mixx Jazzercise class! Thanks for sharing. I was a customer for a year in California, then studied and certified as a Jazzercise instructor when I moved to Florida. That was 24 years ago. The program is STILL amazing! Welcome to a great experience you’ll never regret.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Loved eery second! 24 years! Wow. Another great testament to the work out. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      Posted 1.11.19
    • So much love for this community! 👏🏼 Thank you for following along here on the blog!

      Posted 1.15.19
  8. Excellent! Jazzercise Conway Fitness Center is beginning it’s 23rd year. Love that you loved your first class! Thanks for the beautiful blog.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Definitely loved the people and the workout 👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you for following along here on the blog!

      Posted 1.15.19
  9. Linda Certner wrote:

    I have been working out my entire life. In my teens I played tennis, then after my children were born in my twenties, I ran 4-5 miles a day. When my knees started giving out, I joined a gym at stayed for over 25 years. Loved the step classes and the cardio/weight classes. In my fifties, I started getting bored with all the same routines and found Jazzercise in the shopping center where I worked. It is so much fun! Now I can’t wait for class to begin. I have re-arranged my work schedule so I can do the 9:30 class every day. I mean…who doesn’t just love to dance for an hour a day?? Great for your body, mind, and psyche.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Definitely the right way to start a day 👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you for following along here on the blog!

      Posted 1.15.19
  10. Terry Doherty wrote:

    It’s been said a few times, but this is a great recap of what Jazzercise is all about: a community of like-minded people who take care of themselves (with exercise) and each other (through community). And as you can see in the other comments, a NATIONAL community. We hope that if you’re ever in Cville you and Sarah will stop in for a class.

    Posted 1.11.19
  11. Terry in Cville wrote:

    It’s been said a few times, but this is a great recap of what Jazzercise is all about: a community of like-minded people who take care of themselves (with exercise) and each other (through community). And as you can see in the other comments, a NATIONAL community. We hope that if you’re ever in Cville you and Sarah will stop in for a class.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • We will definitely give you a shout if we’re in town! Thank you for following along!

      Posted 1.15.19
  12. You captured the experience perfectly!! I was a student for over 20 years and became an instructor last year. I’ve made the best friends at Jazzercise and can’t imagine my life without it. Thanks for the great post.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • How cool! Congrats on becoming an instructor! Thank you for following along!

      Posted 1.15.19
  13. Kelsey wrote:

    I jazzercised for 2.5 years then took a little break. I missed it and came back! So many of the women remembered me and all the instructors were still there! Just a testament to the love and sense of community you mentioned. I really feel welcome there and not judged!

    Posted 1.12.19
  14. Dana wrote:

    Great blog. I tell friends that it is so much more than a workout – very supportive community. I’ve been a member of the Richmond Center for 6 yrs and go 3-4 times a week. Love it! Hope to see you on the dance floor!

    Posted 1.15.19
  15. Thank you so much for that – yes you described it perfectly! So nice to see a positive story instead of someone digging out old videos of the 80s!😂 (Which was fun too, but we’ve evolved with the times).
    I’ve been an Instructor since 1989 and still love every minute. No workout has ever come close. My Jazzercise Tribe is my family❤️️❤️️

    Posted 1.17.19
    • How fun!! It’s been a pleasure getting to know everyone and your community!

      Posted 1.19.19
  16. Tammy Billups wrote:

    What a ‘sweet’ article you have written about the fitness program of my choice for 28 years! Student turned instructor/owner of the Mechanicsville location is soooo appreciative to you for taking the time to blog about this time tested, ever evolving fabulous fitness program. 50 years in this business is unheard of, seeing so many trends come and go over the years. Posts like this really do help us to change the perception of Jazzercise. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)))

    Posted 1.17.19
  17. Peg Devlin wrote:

    Love your article about Jazzercise! It’s great to get the word out that it’s fresh.
    Thanks for trying it.

    So glad I found your blog through Jazzercise. You have great style. I definitely want to check out some of your fashion finds.

    Peg Devlin
    Jazzercise Instructor
    Stamford, CT

    Posted 1.18.19
    • Welcome!! So glad you stopped by. There’s lots more fun, fashion, travel and wellness inspiration to come!

      Posted 1.19.19
  18. Rowena Brücker wrote:

    So glad you enjoyed your first class, thank you for the great article! Jazzercise has an International community too, I have been loving teaching in Switzerland for 26 years:)

    Posted 1.28.19

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