Humble Humpday: Life Update + My Best Blooper Pics Yet

I Pressed Pause

Well, sort of. You can’t really press pause on life. It sort of has a way of persisting. Your stomach still growls. Your clients still have deadlines. Your hair still needs washing. Your friend still needs to talk. Your man still has a concert. You still have to get dressed.

Some of these things seemed hard the past few weeks. First, there was the Charlottesville riot.  Two days later, my grandmother passed away–95 and still drinking bourbon. Her funeral home was next to the statue in Charlottesville where the riot took place. A week later, my dear friend’s mom also passed away–too young to lose a battle to cancer. A few days later, my step son showed up at our apartment with a proclamation we’d become full-time parents and the school year begins next week. I felt like we were living on a fault line. My relationships quivered in fear and I had to deal with some reopened wounds from my past.  All while my friends and family also needed me. My little brother went through is first break up. My best girl’s family is giving her hell and her car failed on her. My step mom suffered a major biking accident that left her with a broken collar bone.

I had to issue several apologies to professional contacts for cancelled meetings and request flexible deadlines. I had to tell a few friends that we couldn’t hang. I had to say “I’m sorry” to my closet people for several accounts of untactful communication. I took an announced hiatus from social media. I even lost followers on Insta. Once I had time to breathe, I started focusing on one thing at a time.

I got everything straight with my biggest client and scheduled out posts until mid September. I got everything right at CARITAS and planned out my next month or two of work. I stayed at home with my man a few nights and reconnected with him. I finally got back to my accountant. I got papers signed at the bank to set up a new retirement account. I’ve texted and called friends who need me. I’ve gotten seven hours of sleep at night. I’ve started getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. We got our dude all packed up and ready for school, which starts next Tuesday. I sent my step mom some bad ass chocolates in the mail. I cleaned out my closet, Harper’s closet, and the weird closet under our stairs so we all have more space to live and think. We filled the fridge with bad ass veggies and meats and other healthy nom noms.  I finally felt like it was time to sit down and get the Sweet Sauce engines fired back up.

Today, I sat down to edit all the photos I’ve had piling up. All of them were taken by Eleanor, who has been there/here/everywhere every step of the way. I couldn’t help but send her screen shots of the many hilarious outtakes and amazingly beautiful moments as I culled through them all. Photos include outfits I wore during my Harrisonburg trip,  new finds from Charlottesville, and a new menu roll out at Kabana Rooftop. They’re all on their way to you, hoping to inspire you.

So, stay tuned and stay in touch here at, via email (just drop your email on the bar to the right), on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. I’ll be sharing many beautiful meals, outfits, landscapes and ideas in the coming weeks. I’m really excited and I hope you are, too.

For now, take a peep at some of the bloopers from the past few weeks and stay tuned for the other much more inspiring photos in the coming weeks…

Megan Wilson is a freelance writer and content creator based in Richmond, Virginia. As the editor of Sweet Sauce Blog, she writes about fashion, travel, self care and more.

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