Chenille Cardigan + Spray Tan Giveaway

chenille cardigan

Cozy Wardrobe Must Have: Chenille Cardigan

I remember the first time I felt chenille. I was about 11 years old and my mom had given me a sweater for Christmas. This was right before my mom stopped picking out clothes for me. I was getting too picky and particular. The sweater was soft, wearable and so warm. I remember being surprised at my mom’s find. Soon after, chenille fell out of style. It felt dated if you saw it. So, when I started to see it pop up all over my Instagram feed this fall, I was confused! I wasn’t buying into it yet. That was until this chenille cardigan came into my life.

Where I Found It

I love working with Versona. The brand keeps me posted on their new trends and sends me in from time to time to shop. It’s always a treat! When I visited earlier this week, the store was aglow with holiday sparkles, skirts and satin. Adorable gifts, chic booties, and shades also rounded out the Richmond area store at Short Pump town Centre. I searched and searched through it all and still found myself gravitating towards the soft and cozy sweaters, pants and scarves. This chenille cardigan was one of the first things I threw on my arm to try on. I couldn’t help but take it home. I knew I’d wear it over dresses, jeans, and pjs alike.

I’m now convinced chenille cardigans are the item every lady should add to her winter wardrobe starting today! I’ve found five that are under $80, in a variety of sizes and colors….

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Sweaters and Spray Tan Giveaway

Another winter wardrobe essential I’ve fallen in love with? A spray tan!  I recently enjoyed my very first spray tan. Gretchen of the Fairy Tan Mother brings the tanning salon to you. I shared the whole experience on Intsastories last week. I hope you enjoyed! She actually came during the beginning of our first snow storm! I had an incredibly pleasant time with her. She brought a pop-up tent and set it up right in my kitchen. She told be all about her tools, her process, and comfortably led me and my g-string through the whole process. I was a fan and so was my man.

Giveaway Details

I wanted to giveaway a spray tan and some products to go along with it! Find me on Facebook and Instagram today and tomorrow to enter! Here are the directions and you can use the easy form below to make it happen. We’ll announce the winner Friday night!

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  5. BONUS: Tag a friend in the comments on the posts about the giveaway!
  6. Check back Friday evening for the announcement!


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