Wear it Now and Later: Pink Floral Dress

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Pink Floral Dress: Wear it Now and Later

Sometimes you just know that something was made for you when you first see it.  No, I’m not talking about Isaac, but that may have been true. What I mean is, when you see it on the rack. That was the case with this floral pink dress from Anthropologie. I was visiting the store at Stony Point Fashion Mall for a summer fashion show. After I collected a few things from the “new arrivals” section, I found myself in the back in the sale section. The whimsical pattern peeped out from behind a layer of eight other dresses. I pulled it out and hoped it was in my size. Sadly, it was medium, which is not my normal dress size, but I decided to try it on any ways. It was the only one left in the store.

I tried it and loved it, even with a loser fit. I put everything else I had in my arms away and walked straight to the register for this! I didn’t just buy it because it made me swoon, but I quickly imagined many ways to wear it. In this post, I’m wearing it for a fun and casual trip to Pipping Hill Vineyards during my latest trip to Charlottesville.

How I Wore It Here

At Pippin Hill, I was headed to meet up with some blogger friends of mine and to learn more about SCOUT bags.  I took my best friends along for the ride. I kept my outfit cool with a leather choker (a very last minute decision) and my favorite shades. I thought my pink hair might be a bit much, but honestly it only made me smile every time I remembered.  My friends and peers thought it worked well! I also rocked some comfy, yet ladylike shoes from Mod & Soul. You can see those here. It was a hot day and the dress kept me cool while still being conservative. I had a jean jacket near by just in case the temps turns cooler in the mountains.

How You Can Wear It

For a wedding: I’ve already worn this pretty little pink floral dress to a family wedding. It was truly the perfect item for a fall wedding set in the country. I had a pair of gold heels I slipped on before we headed to the church. I also wore gold earrings and kept things simple with wavy hair and pink lips to pull it all together. I had blond hair back then, so I wasn’t as much of a pink overload. I danced with met brother, ran after my step son, and gave lots of hugs–all without a care if the dress looked good or not.

For a cold day: This pink floral dress is ripe for layering! I plan to wear this to outdoor events this fall when I can. I’ll pull on some warm and comfortable boots, flat or heeled. I don’t care if the top of the boots are covered by the dress. It’s so feminine, I won’t feel like I’ve lost my ladyness. I’ve got my eyes a few new cardigans for the fall. I’m thinking to pair this with a chunky off white or tan cardigan. Fall layering tip: pull your hair up when you bulk up! Show off your neck and elongate your silhouette.

For brunch with the girls: This look came to me pretty soon after I purchased the pink floral dress. I have an edgy, yet warm, leather jacket from Nasty Gal. I wore it here. For a more sexy and girly look, I plan to wear the jacket over this dress along with some edgy heels or booties. I think a pointed toe will match the vibe the best. If I was feeling super spunky, I’d rock my hair in two double buns. I think a mimosa or two would make me pretty happy about this decision. What do you think?

Get Your Own Dress

Here are three dresses very similar to this one in a variety of price ranges. Good thing for you, floral dresses are likely to be on sale right now as stores make room for more traditional fall and winter items. Keep an eye out, you might find one for a bargain like me!

  1.  CiChic for $21
  2. JCPenny for $70
  3. ASOS for $127

Now let’s see same of these fine photos take at Pippin Hill Farms by Eleanor Hamman of Pink Photography. There’s a special cameo from the gorgeous Samara of  Styled Chic!

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