Two Brothers and Their Shoes

I have known these two gentleman for a verrrry long time. They have grown up to be handsome, kind, smart, funny, AND stylish men. The last time I saw them, they couldn’t help but show off their new favorite shoes for me. Today, I will tell you a little bit about them!


Hi, guys!

Gunnar is in gray shoes and Cameron in brown shoes. That’s “white pants Alex” photobombing in the background, aka big sister.

Button Down Shirt Pose 2

Yes, you look great that way, too.

Both of these brothers have developed a pretty simple definition of style:

Cameron: “I like to mix formal attire with casual pieces.”

 Gunnar: “As far as clothes go, I want stuff that I can live in.”

stacy adams and sperry mens shoes

Now let’s see your shoes.

stacy adams mens shoes

Cameron is wearing a pair of Stacy Adams leather shoes in a nice oak color. I found a similar pair here. They definitely bring some sophistication to a pair of khakis. stacy adams mens shoes

Cameron said: “I like them because every man needs a pair of clean-looking  dress shoes.” Sweet Sauce has to agree.

sperry mens shoes

Gunnar is wearing a pair of gray suede Sperry cap-toe oxfords. I found similar ones here and here.  For a native lake guy, Sperry’s make a lot of sense. I love them and imagine they go with everything.

gray sperry mens shoe

Check out the red detail in the sole! Guess what Gunnar said about his shoes? Wait for it…

“I like them because every man needs a pair of clean-looking dress shoes.”

Nicely done, boys. Keep the simple class coming. Thanks for sharing!!

What do you think about these shoes? Do you have a favorite men’s brand?