Striped Crop Shirt + Levi’s for Fall

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The Cropped Stripe Shirt You Need to Add to Your Closet

Confession: I found this shirt on Amazon for my trip to San Francisco. I really wanted it to create easy and versatile outfits on the go. It never made it to my apartment before we left. I even got on the phone with Amazon to complain. It had been a while since I was so excited about a simple staple like this. It was here when I returned, though! I’ve already worn it a couple of ways, including tucking it into my skirt for work. I also plan to layer it under summer dresses to keep them going into the colder months.

How I Wore It

Here, I wore it out to lunch in Richmond with a friend. The cropped strip shirt was the first thing I put on the day before Thanksgiving. It’s soft, fitted, and cozy. I reached for my high-rise skinny jeans from Levi’s. These are so flattering and really make me fill slim and put together whenever I slide them on. My favorite pink coat is getting repaired at the seamstress, so I reached for this gorgeous pashmina my cousin gave me when I visited her for Fashion Week in February. It is pretty large so I wore it like a poncho, one of my new favorite cold weather silhouettes. It keeps you incredibly warm and is slimming.

A Little About This Hat

I threw on this new fedora or Panama hat (whatever you like to call them). I found it trolling a wild and underrated vintage store in Richmond called Luxor. Add this place to your shopping list next time you’re in Richmond or Carytown. You’ll find something truly one-of-a-kind. They’re open late and are no frills when it comes to displaying clothing and accessories. You have to dig! You can also find fun music boxes, vases, and post cards. My cousin left with a  fox fur vest (it was too big for me!) and I left with this hat, which was just the right size. Most hats fall right off my tiny head. Most of mine are kids sizes! I found some just like it below so you don’t have to dig through the depths of vintage insanity.

Shop the Look:

Take a closer look at the outfit below. Shop by clicking on the icons below. Everything is under $100 and most of it is on sale during Cyber Week so hurry up and click!

stripe cropped shirt amazon striped crop shirt look

cropped striped shirt


  1. Really like those high rise jeans with the crop top. I think I am going to get a pair =) Enjoyed the article!

  2. I really love the combination especially the inner top. The black and white stripe design harmonized the entire outfit I think. The way you pose, stand, the composure, the way you model it, everything, they make this outfit so perfect! As a teenager, who loves fashions, outfits, and clothes, I always look for something to experiment that I can utilize in my outfit planning. And I am really glad that I have found your blog, now I have a model that I will always look forward to seeing, and that is absolutely you!

    • So glad to meet!! Thank you for following along and I hope you comeback for more 🖤🖤

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