Star for a Day: Star Print Dress Brunch to Halloween Transformation

star print dress

A Star for a Day

Taking My Star Print Dress from Brunch to Halloween Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago I had settled on being Cher from Clueless for halloween. I already ordered a few of the parts. I wasn’t sold, but wanted top get something in hand. Then I found this star print dress during the big meteor shower. It was spooky. Inspiration struck and I quickly piled stuff into my ASOS and Amazon shopping carts.

I’m basically always thinking of my next best costume. That’s because I was born on October 29. This year I turned 30 years old. Though that may signal some entry point into a more sophisticated part of life, I still threw a halloween party like I have almost every year since I was 5. I wanted a costume that would make me feel beautiful from morning till night. With just a few tweaks and some crafty skills, I became a shooting star as day turned to night in this star print dress.


I started my birthday celebrations with an annual ladies-only brunch. I picked the Maple & Pine at Quirk Hotel for the setting. Each person at my table of 10 was all pleased and satisfied with their meals from burgers to tuna nicoise. The setting was also perfect for the bright and hopeful feeling of my birthday. Our personal photos together are ones we’ll all cherish for years. For this girly event, I kept the star print dress rocker chic with my favorite vegan leather jacket, simple elongating booties, and darling little star earrings I hope to wear long after this look. Shop it all here:


gold star earrings

star print dress outfit star print dress look

star print dress outfit



I headed home after the long and boozy brunch. I cleaned up, took a nap and woke up to finish my costume. I had started it a few days earlier.  To transform it into a shooting star I first cut out a star shape from cardboard off a shoebox. I spray painted it gold and sprinkled on glitter and waited for it to dry. Once dry, I used my trusty hot glue gun to glue it on to a head band I no longer used. Once all of this was done, I slipped my dress back on. To top it all off, I lightly taped wireless twinkle lights to the star shape and wrapped the rest around my body. I tucked the lights in my dress under my armpit. They were surprisingly unobtrusive and one setting shimmered just enough to make the costume come to life. I found my gold slip on sneakers and was comfy as heck all night long.  Shop all the costume pieces here:


shooting star costume

star print dress costume


Whether you need inspiration this year or next, pin this baby now before you forget!

shooting star costume star print dress


  1. So cute! Great dress and what a great way to turn it into a cute costume. Also, happy belated b-day! 🙂

    • Thank you, Sarah! I can’t wait to wear this dress to more stuff like New Years! Thanks for stopping by ??

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