Five DIY Projects You Can Create from Goodwill Finds

 DIY Projects You Can Create from Goodwill Finds

Few of you may know that I graduated with a degree in studio art. I’ve always been a drawer, painter, crafter, and creator. As I’ve grown older, I especially love creating things to turn my various office spaces and apartments into more comfortable, magical places. I follow a few bloggers who are always coming up with new ideas for turning every day items into truly special creations. One of those talented ladies is Karla of Small Town Rambler.

Karla knows how to thrift. Goodwill is a favorite spot, as as is mine. As you take care of your spring cleaning, I’m sure you’re thinking of a few new ways to organize and decorate your home. Below are five DIY projects from Karla to inspire you during your next trip to Goodwill. You’ll never look at a can of spray paint and a bookshelf the same again…

side table diy project

Metallic Side Table

While working to create what she calls one of her favorite spots in her, Karla was on the hunt for a small side table. She  found a wooden one for $2.99 at Goodwill! Karla used Krylon Premium Metalic Original Chrome spray paint. She suggests smoothing out the edges of your wooden tables sandpaper first. The project cost Karla a total of $10! Read the full project here.

diy gold striped vase goodwill

Gold Striped Vase

I’ma big fan of gold, especially hidden splashes of it throughout my home and on my outfits. Like Karla, I’ve taken a metallic can of spray paint or two to everyday objects around my home. I would have never thought to create a pattern like this on a clear vase. A little bit of Rust-Olleum spray paint, painters tape, and alcohol to rub off finger prints are all she needed to reimagine this vase for her bar cart. Get the project details here.

Repaired Dining Room Chairs

When Karla first got these chairs, there was some damage. Like big-German-Shepard-chewed-on-these-chairs damage. Karla loved the chairs, though, and they were perfect for her new farmhouse dining table. Elmers Wood Filler and sandpaper helped her take these chairs back to their original shape. Some more spray paint and six chairs later, she has the cutest dining set up I’ve ever seen. See the full project here. 

Bright Chevron Bookshelf

If you have a dreary corner in your home, I recommend checking out this project. Karla turned an ordinary and drab bookshelf into a a work of art. Stencils, aluminum foil, and spray paint were the tools she used to create this DIY winner. She placed cute books and bowls throughout the shelf to make it pop even more. See this project here. 

ladder garden

Ladder Herb Garden

If you’re planting a few babies for your spring and summer recipes, there’s no reason they have to sit on a boring window ledge. Karla created this darling ladder garden from the ugliest old ladder I’ve ever seen. She picked up some pots and planters, both of which I always find plenty of at Goodwill. She added a board to the bottom to create some additional storage space. Her baby blue paint is the perfect color against the green herbs. Check out the project here.


Never look at your Goodwill finds the same again. Follow Karla at the Small Town Rambler for ongoing inspiration.

Don’t forget to donate to Goodwill during all your spring cleaning! Find the nearest Goodwill here.