Layer Up: Fall Layering Essentials + Tips

fall layering essentials

Layering Essentials: A Vest, a Scarf, and Suede Boots

It’s finally time. I can tap into my collection of knee high and thigh high boots and pull out my crate of scarves. One chilly day recently, I spilled them out in my room and started rifling through to get reacquainted with my fall staples. It was time to start wearing pants! My trusty Levis make everything look good. These are some of my favorite fall layering essentials.

I recently picked up this maroon vest during my trip to Versona. As you know, I have a thing for vests. I think they are the most versatile item you can have in your closet. It’s not always right for a jacket outside, and sometimes you want to show off your sleeves. Vests are also elongating and make a shirt and pants look like and “outfit” in a quick second. That’s great for curvy and short ladies. Hellooo skinny jeans.

A Few Tips of Fall Layering Essentials

  • The key is chose colors that will go with everything, even the patterns and bold colors in your closet. A lot of my vests, scarves, and boots are neutral colors. Off they aren’t neutral, then they are colors I have a lot of. White, tan, grey, black, Burgunduy, millennial pink, and gold are pretty much the colors of my shoes collection. It makes the possibilities open up when you can mix and match everything.
  • If you’re layering on top, go skinny on the bottom. Scarves and coats and vests can really add bulk to your body. the key is to balance. Here, I’ve worn a scarf and a vest on top and my shirt is a little loose. I chose dark skinny jeans tight fitting boots with heels. I somehow look taller here than my 5′ 2″ and it’s magical. Stay away from chunky combat boots or flares without heels if you’re layering up big time up top.
  • Its okay to be bright. I like having the option to add a pop of white or light pink to a darker fall outfit. I keep light patterns and textures nearby so I don’t feel so drab.

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