Wardrobe Essential: Lace Camisole Two Ways

Burgundy Lace Camisole

My New Favorite Wardrobe Essential: The Lace Camisole

To be honest, I already own a lace camisole. It’s an actual piece on lingerie from Victoria’s Secret years ago. It’s black and I wore it here and many, many other times during the past couple years. I knew I wanted more to add to my wardrobe. I don’t know why it took so long to add more to my closet. When I fell upon the Na-Kd brand thanks to creepy Facebook ads, it quickly became time to pull the trigger.

Why a Lace Camisole?

  1. This is a layering champion. Throw on a blazer for the office, a cardigan and jeans for brunch, tuck it in to a mini for a night out, or wear it underneath your cozy winter sweaters. This wardrobe essential will force its way into dozens of outfits with little effort. You’ll just wish you had more shapes and colors.
  2. It’s sexy. It covers all the goods without being super tight. It leaves enough to the imagination, but still says “I’m a f**ing woman.”
  3. Sweater season needs more lace camisoles. You know all those chunky and cozy sweaters filling up your drawers? I challenge you to ditch the bra next time you put on a lace camisole instead. That is if you don’t need the support of your bra for a sweater look. Seriously. It will prevent wind from coming into the sweater and feeling the silky camisole is so delightful when you’re all bundled up.
  4. It’s comfortable AF. If you didn’t read No. 4, I suggested you wear this without a bra. Seriously. This is probably advice for medium-small breasts sizes, but it is actually magical if it’s an option for you. Ever swam through water without a bathing suit top on? Yes. That’s the feeling.

The Business Friendly Look

I wrote all about my new found Boss Babe philosophy in this post. I shared five tips to improve my boss babe life style. I also share this cute outfit featuring this camisole. Click here to see it, featuring an adorable skirt from Richmond’s Tailor.

The Sunday Brunch Look

This lace camisole has already made its way into four outfits since it arrive in the mail. This is one of them. I wore this to brunch and an afternoon of casual work meetings. Super casual and a little extra for more professional settings, but it did the trick this Sunday. It was an extra busy Sunday. You have already seem this long pink duster cardigan and booties I’ve worn again and again (Links below). The pants were a find during Christmas shopping at the mall (ssshhh….don’t tell anyone).

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lace camisole outfit Burgundy lace camisole

Burgundy lace camisole

lace camisole