Getting in Touch With Your Inner Goddess

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For me, this time of year is challenging for a few reasons. Old bittersweet memories bubble up. I still become torn between who to spend Christmas Day with and often wind up splitting it between families, spending a solid 4 hours alone in the car in between. My big, bleeding, pink heart can’t seem to get it together when it comes to shopping for gifts on the cheap and my bank account shutters with every purchase. I want to go to every party I’m invited to and never can. I want to keep practicing yoga 3-4 days a week and can’t quite seem to set aside the time. I am constantly learning, and sometimes failing, at supporting my partner and being a step mom to his amazing son. Feeling like the strong, independent woman I should feel like is a bit challenging. Good thing there is a new year around the corner…

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Though it might seem chaotic, now is the perfect time to reconnect, reflect, and realign with my personal goals. For me, yoga plays an important role in staying grounded and healthy. Incorporating small treats and reflective moments in my days are also vital tools for success.

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Here is a list of ways to tap into your inner goddess who may have gotten lost in the all the holiday busy and bustle. You’ll want to have her by your side in 2016. I plan to add all of these into my new year’s commitments:

Have Some Tea: There are at least 13 reasons tea is good for you. Among those reasons are improved cardiovascular health, increasing your metabolism, and cancer prevention. Add some lemon for extra detoxifying benefits. Having a healthy digestive system and natural energy are key to staying motivated and focused. Try this: Cranberry & Green Tea from Buddha Teas.

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Practice Yoga Daily: Cara Delevigne just let the world know that practicing yoga every morning for 10 minutes is an essential part of her beauty routine. You should incorporate it, too. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits are widely documented. Follow with: Organic Solar Plexus Chakra Tea from Buddha Teas.

Create an Evening Routine: Maybe this is writing in a journal. Maybe it’s a bath. Maybe it’s going on a walk with your dog. Whatever it is, set yourself up for reflection at the end of the day and signal your body to start relaxing for a solid 7-9 hours of sleep. Pair with: Chamomile Flower Tea from Buddha Teas.

Define Your Priorities: I did this in the beginning of 2015 and will do it again. There are things I know are important to me and when requests for business or play come up, being in touch with those priorities helps me make better decisions for my time, my well being, and my overall happiness. I’ll be using J. Lynne Designery’s planner to get 2016 started off right. Accomplish with: Crown Chakra Tea from Buddha Teas.

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Meditate: I don’t have to say  much about this one. We’re all pretty aware at this point of the benefits of meditation. Have I made the time to meditate daily? No. It is so silly. Just 5 to 10 minutes of meditation can make a huge impact on your daily and long-term success. There are many apps that make meditation easy. My good friend recommended Headspace. I’m looking forward to giving it a try. Follow up with: Sweet Strawberry Ginger Tea from Buddha Teas.

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What are your favorite habits and routines that keep you grounded? 

What are some of your 2015 resolutions?