Weekender: New Fashion Spots To Visit in Richmond

Off the Radar Fashion Spots To Visit in Richmond

When my little brother came to visit Richmond recently, I threw on this look to take him out for a day of exploration. One stop on our very-Richmond itinerary was Round Two. I’m working on an article for RVA Magazine about the sneaker-head paradise. I wanted to see it in action during a busy Saturday. Frankly, I also needed my brother to explain all the labels and products to me. Many photos from this post are from inside or just outside of this store.

As we explored Richmond and talked style, I began to think of other off-the-radar fashion spots I want to return to more often this year. I wanted to be sure they could offer my brother something, too. As Valentine’s Day rolls around, why not treat your man to a gift card at one of these fashion spots? Or offer to take him on a mini spree. That’s how I’d roll, anyhow.

Here’s my list of fashion spots to visit in Richmond when you have a free afternoon. Let yourself indulge in something out of the ordinary…

Round Two

This store has barber-shop vibes I think we could all use more of. Don’t just step into Round Two to ogle at the Yeezy’s and vintage Jordans. Say ‘Hi” to the gents behind the counter. Ask them questions. They’ll know everything about the Supreme labels you’re drooling over (or puzzled over) and then some. Stay tuned for big projects and collaborations from creative Director Sean Wohterspoon.

Rumors Vintage Boutique

I visit this long-time Richmond fashion hub every few months. It’s an easy place to find a new wardrobe pick-me-up, like a dress or sweater, for less than $20. The well curated vibe is all fun and no mediocrity. Though it may seem a bit loud when you first walk in, after you start digging you’ll feel at ease. Rumors does a good job carrying a wide variety of men’s clothing and accessories in addition to women’s. Not only to they have funky vintage items, but they often carry a selection of new pieces, still at a low price. Like this shirt I found. I also got it in off white.  See this old outfit featuring some Rumors finds.

Addison Handmade & Vintage

I’ve pretty much been stalking Addison Handmade & Vintage since Lauren O’Conner opened the little storefront across from the  Lamplighter on Addison. The 70s babe aesthetic is one of my favorites. I have an old pair of high-waist jeans from the store I found years ago. After I penned this article about online vintage dealers, I’ve been called to return. I also want to snag a sultry candle for my apartment.

Jackson & James

Here’s another male-centric spot to shop in Richmond. I wrote about the sister-brother duo who launched this trendy denim heaven in Scott’s Addition in RVA Magazine. In addition to raw cut Raleigh denim, you can pick up hand-carved razors and home decor. Grab gift for your man or take yourself for a wardrobe and apartment makeover. Grab a beer at one of the 256 breweries in the neighborhood

Rider Boot

A well made shoes can make or break you. At least thats what the owner of Rider Boot thinks. Come here to find a custom pair of boots that will last you forever. The men’s selection dominates the front, but head to he back to see what they’ve selected for women. Expect Chelsea boots in metallic and classic leather mules. Splurge on artful socks to top it all off. Read the article I wrote about the Jackson Ward store 

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