7 Essential Fall Boots Under $100

Budget Style: 7 Essential Fall Boots Under $100

You asked: “Can you do an affordable fall boots post?” Here is your answer, kittens. <3

I’ve shared many style tips over the years. From how to wear your hair in the winter to how to rock a fur vest five ways (one of my first posts!), I’ve got a few tricks up my bell sleeve to make getting dressed less stressful and more flattering for your frame. One of my first tips to offer women frustrated with their closets: look at your shoes. Are they really complimenting your wardrobe?

You need standard staples that go with just about anything. This makes putting together outfits more flexible and fun. My shoe rack includes some major heavy hitters that I wear all the time. I’ve recreated my boot collection in the image above and the row below. You’ll notice most are neutral and pretty comfy, too! Bonus? they’re all under $100 and most will go on sale very soon. It’s that time of year!

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