Easy Floral Jumpsuit Travel Look

WCW to My New Floral Jumpsuit

I have a friend who hates floral prints. She doesn’t even like floral jewelry accents. I know these weird preferences about her because she is my best friend. We also feel the opposite about a lot of things in life–yin and yang and all of that. Floral prints happen to make me really happy. My closet has quite a few statement pieces featuring a floral pattern and I was glad to add this floral jumpsuit to the rack just before my trip to Harrisonburg and Rockingham counties.

I discovered it on the sale rack at Fabrik in Carytown. I was there shopping for a client’s trip to Spain and France. Learn more about my personal styling and shopping here. The store has been a long-time go-to for basics and statement pieces alike. It’s especially one of the the best places to shop just before a trip. That’s why I took my client’s hard earned money there. When I went, I knew I would stumble upon something special like this floral jumpsuit.

I was first drawn to the pattern of the jumpsuit. After holding it up, I fell in love with the colors even more. The halter top looked comfy and easy to wear bra-free (new way to live). The waist band seemed to be placed in just the right place to make it slimming rather than unflattering. The elastic ankles are perfect for showing off your ankles and a good excuse to wear high heels. The fabric is breathable enough for summer, but thick enough for fall layering fun. And it was $30, more than 50% of the original sticker price.

This rolled right up into my suit case before a wine- and food-packed trip to the Shenandoah. I rocked it with block heels as I explored and shopped downtown Harrisonburg and then swapped out my heels for sandals to go to a wine and oyster festival on Sunny Slop Farm. Here is the evidence of a happy, comfortable day in this new floral jumpsuit. I look forward to wearing it with jean jackets, vests, and blazers for fall temps.

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