Consignment Find: Rocker Chic Embroidered Fringe Vest

embroidered fringe vest

Simple Statement Piece: Embroidered Fringe Vest

I’m watching Broad City as I write tonight. I’m not always a lazy turd, but when I am, I’m watching Broad City, Chelsea, or Brooklyn Nine Nine these days. Other than the laughs, I love these shows the most right now because all the main characters are unabashedly themselves. They also take opportunities to reinvent themselves and take risks to do so. I’ll fast forward the deep thoughts to these photos. This vest. My new hair. Let’s do it.

The Vest

I picked up this pretty little thing during my trip to Charlottesville. I didn’t even have to hunt for it at Darling. Owner Linnea plucked it out of her fresh consignment pile. She knew it would call to me. She was right. The French Connection piece is everything I could ask to add to my fall layers. Unlike most of my fall pieces, which are soft and feminine, this had edge and even a menswear vibe. The embroidered fringe vest is a size 10, which makes it loose and flattering. Perfect for pairing over leggings or skinny jeans because it covers my bum. I’m also excited to rock this with a skimpy black dress. Hello, after party.

My Hair

I’ve had pink hair for the longest time! Shannon of Moore Street Studio did a wonderful job creating a very natural and dimensional pink for me this summer. I’ve really, really enjoyed rocking it. I felt as if I had been born with pink hair.As my roots grew longer, I decided it was time to start taking step to my next hair color. Enter, bright blonde Meg! Because the pink was so intense, we’re going to have the phase it out. I showed Shannon some bright blonde pics and we dug in. This is not what I imagined, to be honest, but I’m really excited to be a bright blonde. It’s the most magical feeling looking in the mirror and feeling transformed. I received compliments on my hair from two different strangers before I even made it to my first stop at RVA Fashion Week. Look out for lowlights to blende it all on later this fall.

The Occasion

I slipped on this embroidered fringe vest for the second night of RVA Fall Fashion Weekend. The third night of the energetic lineup of events was a formal wear fashion show. Richmond came out looking good! I have to be honest, I forgot about the cocktail attire, but I felt right at home in this ensemble. I drank Belle Isle Moonshine, shopped Kiss My Denim and Tailor. I came home with a new pair of pants and really great inspiration for my blog, my writing business, and my closet. If you want to see more from the event, follow Richmond photographers Michael Hostetler, Isaiah Foster of Shine Inc, and the videographers of The Humble Collective.

Shop the Look

Vest, Darling Boutique, Exact on Tradsey (Large $81) , Similar ($39)

Shirt, c/o Versona $24 (8 colors!)

Jeans, American Eagle $41

Earrings, Amazon Fashion $8


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darling boutique

Like this look?

You’ll love this boho outfit. I found the bell sleeve dress at Darling Boutique, too!

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