Humble Hump Day: Blog Bloopers of the Month

Keeping it Real: Humble Hump Day Edition 2

Thank you for all the love and laughs from my first edition of Humble Hump Day. As a reminder, this is a place for me to check in every month and keep it real. As a blogger and even as an every day person who posts on social media, I put my best self forward for you. It’s not always that way IRL. In fact, it’s very often not. You get to see my most pretty in pink moments here and on Insta. You also miss a lot of my favorite moments in life–the ones spent off line on days I should post and either forget or decide not to at all. There are always 50 more photos and stories behind the one or two that I share with you. Here’s my confession for today:

I already messed up today.

Life’s messy. Just today I used the word “thinked” and have no idea where my debit card is. I also didn’t get to answer about 10 emails I really, really should have. I had a very frustrating cooking experience–I learned how to make lemon chicken in our new Insta Pot and wound up serving dinner about 2 hours too late. I’m  really sleep deprived and can’t find our hammer to put up this light in my cabinet I’ve been meaning to for a year. Finally, I still feel really guilty for not making it to my friend’s 4th of July pool party yesterday. I couldn’t make a plan for the life of me.

But, It’s Okay.

On the flip side, I started a Quickbooks account and got my nails done. I watched fireworks for the first time in the city from my friend’s rooftop apartment. We watched eight different shows go on at the same time. I’m still pretty amazed by that. I also stocked up on some Mac’s Smack body butter and the most delicious smelling perfume oil from Mod & Soul. Finally, I’m really f**king tan. Thanks, Lake Anna!

Feel Better?

No? Well, then look at my ridiculous faces from this month’s style posts…

I love the 60s vibe of this shoot. I found the dress for $4 at Goodwill. I’m not going to say I wasn’t sober here. But I’m not saying I’m not. Either way, I had something to say and it apparently took a really long time. I blame it on the summer heat. See the lilac look here.

This was a really good day. Even the bloopers make me smile. I wore this frilly yellow frock during my recent trip to the Outer Banks. My friends and family were on the other side of the camera making a killer dinner and making me laugh. I’d laugh all day if I could. See what the sunset photos look like here. 

This street is just behind my apartment in downtown Richmond, VA. I was eager to show off this fun and flirty top from one of my favorite Richmond fashion spots. I was so eager, I look like I’m ready to eat my weight in happiness. I love this set of photos, though. See the fresh floral look here.

Talk about cringe. This photo is all the worst parts of blogging. Making cute/sexy/adorable photos but turn out looking like your eight-year-old self posing in the mirror. This dress was flowing and caught the wind at every turn. It just wouldn’t do that in front of the camera. See some of the better photos here.


What’s your latest hump day fail? Tag me on Insta with your photos and stories!

Megan Wilson is a freelance writer and content creator based in Richmond, Virginia. As the editor of Sweet Sauce Blog, she writes about fashion, travel, self care and more.