The Anatomy of a Chic Winter Outfit

chic winter outfit

The Anatomy of a Chic Winter Outfit That’s Warm AF

The cold is back. We were sweating on Friday and I know some people thought that was all she wrote. Psych! It’s frigid again. My water bottle was frozen solid this morning. It’s gosh darn cold out there, folks. There’s no reason why you have to look like a snowman or your childhood teddy bear. You can be chic and totally warm. Here are all the outfit essentials you need to create a chic winter outfit for brunch, for networking, for baby showers or whatever else the day brings.

The Undies

Start with the basics. If you’re piling on layer after layer, you need smooth and sleek underwear. No need to stuff it all in there when you can’t adjust as easily. Invest in something like this.

The Camisole

I have quite the collection of camis. You should have one, too. Sweaters are great, but they’re no use if wind is blowing through them. Camisoles also smooth out your body under the sweater, including bra lines. I love this one. Simple, white, flowy.

The Jeans

Keep them high. Keep them tight. You want jeans that rise high for a variety of sweater lengths to keep the cold out for any occasion. My Levi’s are the business. 

The Boots

Knee-high or thigh-high boots are crucial . I even wore my knee-high boots with shorts at the start of the summer. I just picked these up. I already have them in black and am so excited to have them in a versatile taupe. Shop them here.

The Sweater

They can be tricky to find, but you want sweaters that flow. They will make your figure look slim and give you the chic look of a summer outfit while still staying warm. When you’re sweaters are loose, you avoid the risk of them making you look larger. I am obsessed with this one I found at Fabrik and this one is the closest I can find. Get it now. 

The Coat

Faux fur, baby! This is the greatest asset to your chic winter outfit. I have a whole big collection. I found this one at a thrift store. I created a whole list of faux fur coats in this post.

The Hat

My grandma always said: “If you’re feet are cold, then put on a hat.” The real MVP of a chic winter outfit is the hat. They keep the heat in better than anything else. From a fuzzy beret to a pom pom beanie like this one, you need to add in your closet.

The Gloves

Final touch! It really makes all the difference if you have gloves that extend long so your wrists aren’t exposed at all. Tuck them into your sweater AND coat for full cold wind protection. These cashmere gloves are only $23.


chic winter outfit chic winer outfit

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