6 Ways to Stay Productive using Technology

Sunday Six: Six Way to Use Technology to Stay Productive

It’s rare that a person completes all their tasks at one computer in one office these days. I have multiple job titles, ventures and projects that keep me in my car and in motion. While technology is the source for this rapid speed at which we work, technology can also help us manage the madness.

It’s not only important to get your professional life in order, but also your personal life. Technology can help you make the best of both. Here are six ways I use mobile technology to stay on top:

A Multifunctional Phone Case

If you really want to stay productive, you need to make the most of your phone. I carry mine everywhere for so many reasons (see below). I have been using this Shieldon iPhone 6s Plus case. I keep my credit cards, ID, and business cards handy so my phone doesn’t get lost in the abyss of my bag. The case is versatile in other ways. It folds so you can watch videos or show photos to clients or friends. The magnetic clasp makes it more functional than any other case I’ve had. When you want your cover out of the way, you can use the magnets to make sure it stays. No fuss or flop. Scroll down to get my code for 20% off a case of your own!

Google Calendar

This may seem like an obvious choice for some, but I am always surprised by people who don’t use Google Calendar professionally and personally. It is by far the easiest mobile calendar to use.  It is so easy to create calendar items and reminders using Google Calendar. Because most people use Google Calendar, you can share  your calendar with people you regularly work with. It makes scheduling meetings so much easier!

#Girlboss tip: You can set reminders a week before a big project or 30 minutes before yoga. You can color code different activities so a glance at your week makes it obvious how much you’re working on a certain project and how much gym time you’ve schedule in. If you’re a really busy girl, I recommend creating a color that’s all about YOU. I have a pink color that represents workouts, dates with my friends, and trips to the salon.

Forest App

Love nature? What if staying focused helped you plant a tree? Forest is a productivity app that creates small tasks that work while you are working, such as planting a tree. If you exit the app, your tree will die. As you complete your task or list, you will unlock new perks and rewards, making for interesting incentives to keep you motivated. Time is money, yes, but time is also precious for the personal moments in your life. If you can get more done in less time, then you can spend more of your free time with family and friends. This app for $1.99.


If you have a business of your own–from music, to an Etsy side hustle, to owning a yoga studio–you use Instagram to promote your work. I obviously, use Instagram quite a bit. I have fallen in love with Planoly to help me schedule posts and keep a consistent look for my brand. You can easily upload a group of photos and spread them out over time to create a visually appealing feed. You can also generate captions when you are feeling creative and schedule posts for the future.

Your phone will push a notification for the post at the desired time prompting you to open the app, which will automatically route you to Instagram. The caption will carry over and you can still edit your photos in Instagram if you like those editing tools.  The app is free for up to 30 photos a month. I reently upgraded to the $7 option so I have more creative freedom to plan further ahead of time.

Drop Box

If you love photos, download DropBox now. I use DropBox to share travel pictures with my family and large files with my clients. The mobile version of Dropbox is also so easy to use. If my phone is close to a full memory, I just drag my most important photos over to DropBox to ensure they are safe somewhere.

Google Docs

I know, I already wrote about a Google product. Seriously, it’s not a sponsored partnership. I just think Google has it figured out. I use Google docs to collaborate on internal bulletins, to share files with designers, and to create an update trip itineraries for myself. Everything is easy to update on your phone. The interface is the easiest word processor you can use from your phone. They are an amazing collaboration tool to use across team members and locations. If you work with a number of people every day, Google Docs will most certainly make your life easier.

    shieldon phone case

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